7 Ways to Jumpstart Your Fall Workout

7 Ways to Jumpstart Your Fall Workout
Now that school is about to start, its a good time to review your exercise and eating habits.  If your busy summer has thrown your exercise program out of wrack, there is a simple solution.  Get started again already!  Your body misses the regular exercise and nutritious foods.

Here are 7 tips to get you going:

1. You need targets to reach.  Set realistic goals such as restarting your active lifestyle, eating better, burning body fat and

2. Start today with a 30-minute walk. Do this walk every day, somewhere, at some point.  Walking at the mall, at work or at the park works. You can break it up into two 15-minute walks if you want.  Walking during the day keeps your metabolism active.

Walking 30 minutes a day can also help you burn body fat, lose weight, lower bad cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, improve heart function, reduce risk of diseases such as diabetes and cancer and increase energy.

Also, start today with your full of nutritious, whole foods that you like.  Use a food journal to track what you eat and get your friend to be an accountability and workout partner.  Social support is critical for your success.

3. On Day 2, begin doing a  need to build lean muscle in order to burn fat, lose weight and transform your body. Do your body weight exercise routine 3 days a week.
Reward your progress each week with something like a full body massage or a special meal. Also, measure your progress each week by checking your body fat percentage and body weight.  Looser fitting clothes also indicate that your body is changing even if you don’t lose weight in a particular week.

4. On Day 3, start a 20-minute interval cardie routine, such as sprint or jogging intervals.   To prevent boredom, you can change it up with activities like biking, tennis, soccer, swimming, basketball, flag football, etc. Do cardio sessions 2 days a week.

Group exercise classes or boot camp sessions are also great options for cardie or strength training.

5. Schedule a fun activity each week such as hiking, bowling, jump rope or a walk at the lake. If you do something like this more than once a week, that’s even better. The purpose is to stay active with enjoyable activities.

6. Start training for a running event, such as a 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon.  Group training clubs for these types of events are everywhere now.  These clubs are a great place to make friends with fitness-minded people.  The challenge will be fun.  You will need to incorporate regular strength training workouts to prevent losing muscle mass during rigorous running event training.

7. Buy an exercise video. This saves you time by not having to go somewhere to workout.  You may need equipment like dumbbells and medicine balls to do these types of workouts.

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