Want to gain weight? Try these 5 easy tips

 It is a common phenomenon that we hear that people talk about losing weight and making special New Year resolutions to ooze out that extra fatty layer from their waists, but what about those who want to gain weight and add on a few extra kilos to get that perfect chubby look?

Let me tell you, if you want to learn the art of gaining weight, you don’t just have to eat, eat and eat, but eat the right food and yes enough of them.

Read on to know the best tips to gain weight this season.

Increase calorie intake

Yes, you heard it right. You need to eat more than your usual calorie intake as this is the simplest way to gain those extra kilos. Eat a lot of protein rich food like beans, pulses etcetera. Then, add dairy products like eggs, fish, and meat to your platter. You can also gorge on starchy food like potato as they help in gaining weight early. But, remember to add only those many calories that are required and not too much that it converts into fat. Another important advice is try to stick to a time routine for consuming meals and you will see the difference yourself.

Snacking in between meals

It should be kept in mind especially for a person who wants to gain weight that he/she should never skip meals. Try eating every 2-3 hours. This will ensure that a consistent level is maintained and your body gets the necessary supplements without a break. You can divide your food into say 3 main meals with 3 in between small meals. One can try a handful of dry fruits, energy bars, granola, chikki and laddoo for snacks.

Say no to junk food

They are very tempting and finger licking good, but eating junk is not the answer to your weight gain query as they contain large amount of calories, bad fats and off course very little nutrition. So, a burger or a pizza or finger chips are a strict no as eating too much fast foods help weight gain through fat, not through healthy lean muscle. Also, as a healthy advice avoid consuming processed food.

Eat a balanced diet

In your quest to gain weight, one should remember to eat a balanced diet and include a variety of nutrients like proteins, starch, vitamins, minerals etcetera so that the body is not used to eating just certain foods. Also, while choosing a balanced meal, one should avoid eating foods that contain bad fats like Dalda, red meat, margarine etcetera as they are bad for the health of your heart and will only leave you more worried.

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water, milk, fresh juices and energy drinks to ensure you are properly hydrated. As a healthy advice drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day. But, remember not to drink water before meal and in between the meal as it may decrease your calorie intake.

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