Tips to get glowing skin in summer

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New Delhi: Summer requires you to pay an extra amount of attention to your skin. Heat, warmth of sun, hot winds cause skin damage, tanning, uneven skin and redness.

Summers leave most of the skin bare to sun heat and dry winds of June. In addition it`s time to prepare your skin that already undergoes colds of winter and dryness of fall season

Every woman wants a sun kissed glowing skin during summer that appears more feminine and silky soft. There`s no hard rule for it but all you need is to follow some simple steps to achieve such a sun kissed skin.
 Exfoliate your skin
The first step to take for a change is to exfoliate your skin. The moisturizers alone do not play any role inflowing skin unless it is exfoliated regularly. Gently rub your skin with most preferably a herbal body scrub before taking bath. Choose a facial scrub for face and neck. Do exfoliate your skin almost thrice a
week to achieve a beautiful glowing skin.

Hydrate your skin
Now that you have removed dead cells from your skin, the next is to apply a good body lotion. To hydrate your skin you must massage that lotion gently on skin leaving it silky soft. After shower, moisturize your body with a cool refreshing summery lotion to store.
Use Sunblock cream
For those who do not want their skin to tan, apply some good sun block cream whenever your skin exposes to sun. Remember never to use your old sun screen that you bought last year, throw them away and buy a new one for good results.

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