Hair loss can be heart wrenching for anyone, but for a girl, her hair is her pride, so it has to be perfect, silky and manageable. If oil is outmoded and hair masks are troublesome, step aside from the sporadic salon and spa treatments, what you really need is some protein and iron. Here are some foods for your healthy hair:

These lively creatures of water hold natural supplements to healthy hair. Though salmon is the king of Omega 3 fatty acids it is not easily available in Indian markets. You can always opt for other fishes like sardines or bangda, rahu or Indian carp, surmai or king mackerel fish, sole and pomfret. Vegetarians can include one or two tablespoons flaxseeds in their diet. It contains Omega fatty acids like omega 6.
Dark green vegetables

We often complain about our oily hairs, but actually it is sebum, a natural hair conditioner for your tresses, which when produced in unhealthy spurts, causes the grease overload. This is where dark green vegetables come into focus. They are a source for vitamins A and C that produce this sebum in your body - regulating natural production.

Healthy hair also needs healthy doses of zinc in your diet. If you`re wondering why you are losing hair, then you have zinc deficiency, add walnuts and almonds in you diet. Nuts contain certain compounds that can cut the risk of cancer such as flavonoids, phytochemicals and antioxidants.
Whole grains

If you haven`t shifted to whole grain products as yet, now you have another reason to do so. If you want naturally healthy hair, whole grain is your answer. Try to include wheat, oats, maize, brown rice, lentils and beans in your diet.

Low fat dairy

If you want your hair to grow quickly, then calcium is the ingredient for hair growth. But note down, dairy has to be low in fat as it contains higher levels of protein.

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