Seven tips to get rid of constipation


 Modern age has made our life effortless but along with it, it brings along a plethora of lifestyle diseases and ailments.The most common ailment which we encounter in our day to day life is Constipation. More often than not,we are pretty embarrassed to discuss about this common ailment. But almost each one of us have suffered from it ,at one time or another.Constipation basically refers to bowel movements that are infrequent or hard to pass or the sensation of incomplete bowel evacuation.Constipation is a common cause of painful defecation and can even escalate to menacing heights if not taken seriously.

So,we bring before you simple tips to get rid of this irritating and painful condition:

Start loving water

Drink at least 3 litres of water every day.This is the most common tip,highly recommended and always effective.Still we don’t give heed to it and look for other solutions.But this time,take it seriously and ensure that your body gets enough water.Avoid having tap water as it is full of additives which is not good for your digestive system.Go for mineral water if you can.

Add fibre to your diet

Most of the doctors and specialists across the world feel that Constipation is a clear sign that your diet is lacking in fibre.So, don`t wait and adopt a healthy diet which includes lots of fruits ,grains and leafy vegetables and also a lot of fluids. Fibers will help steady your bowel movements.Fibre gives bulk to bowel movement making the stool easier to pass.

Avoid these foods

In order to help prevent constipation you should avoid or at least limit your intake of dairy products like milk,yogurt and foods that are high in fat content, foods that are high in cholesterol content and processed foods.Don’t even think of fatty and junk food as it will aggravate your pain.

Increase physical activity

Start walking or try simple exercise regime like jogging, skipping ,cycling and swimming.The best thing to do is to take a long walk everyday which could help get things moving along. Regular and light exercises gets the heart pumping and blood flowing which ultimately aids in constipation.

Try these home remedies

Switch to Prunes and prune juice

Eat a pear during breakfast or after dinner

Have 1-2 oranges before going to bed and the same after getting up.They will stimulate your bowels for sure.

Try Grapes and honey which are generally known as natural laxatives

Try Aloe Vera Juice with pulp for a quick remedy.It`s a natural fiber. Aloe vera relaxes the muscles of your digestive track and colon so that the feces can pass through easily. The smooth fibrous fluid of the aloe vera plant soothes the muscles of your digestive track and softens your stool.

Check for the side effects of medications

Most of the time constipation is a side effect of a medication or some other illness.If you are taking the medication or suffer from an illness that may involve constipation as a symptom of the illness, you should try to avoid foods that make the risk of constipation higher.Discuss these with your doctor and prepare a proper diet chart.

Say bye to stress and depression

Just relax and avoid engaging in stressful activities and anything which spurs tension and worry. All such mental conditions affect our daily lives and our eating habits leading to irregular bowel movements.Ensure that you keep stress at bay and keep yourself happy and spirited.

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