Five easy ways to get rid of bad breath

 Zeenews Bureau

Do people look away when you talk because of that foul smell coming from your mouth? Don’t get embarrassed anymore as we bring to you easy ways to get rid of that stinky breath.

- Make sure that you rinse your mouth after each meal. One can also try a simple rinse remedy which is to dissolve about a quarter teaspoon or less of salt in lukewarm water and gargle.

- Chewing aromatic herbs and brushing the teeth with twigs or using a mouth freshener can help a long way.

- Drink a lot of water timely, say about 7-8 glasses as a dry tongue can also be a cause of bad breath.

- Drink green tea as it is very helpful I killing the harmful bacteria in your mouth.

- Change your toothbrush timely say every month as bacteria build up on your brush and eventually lead to bad breath.

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