16 Crazy Sexy Diet Tips for Healthy Living

Here are sixteen of my favorite crazy and sexy tips for supercharged and healthy living. 

1. Get back to nature and back to the garden
 preferably the organic garden – when affordable – when not, try to choose fruits and veggies that are less sprayed. You can find a Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides at. There are over 80,000 chemicals in our world today, eating them and putting them on our bodies is a dangerous proposition.

2. Create an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle.

 Learn about pH, the acid/alkaline balance, and say goodbye to the SAD, acidic diet in favor of alkaline raw veggies, sprouts, green drinks, green smoothies, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, love and oxygen.

3. Make juice not war.
  Green are great too. My favorite is the Libreville Ikon, and the best blender is the Vita mix. Instead of your morning cup of Joe, (or nightly cup of booze) try filling your day with.

4. Drink lots of clean, purified water.

5. Decrease the amount of animal products you consume 

 (especially dairy products) and move towards more of a.

6. Refined sugars and processed starches are the devil

– dump them. If it’s made in a lab it takes a lab to digest. If it has a shelf life longer than you, don’t eat it. Choose low hypoglycemic foods as much as possible.

7. Shake your booty. 

 Your lymph system, which carries away waste, needs you! Unlike your heart, it doesn’t have a pump. Aerobics is the pump. Brisk walking is the pump.  is the pump.

8. Give your colon a regular spring-cleaning.

 That’s right, flood your body with alkalinity and flush it of toxins. As the good stuff goes in the bad stuff should come out – on a regular basis.

9. Use natural skincare products.

Your skin is your largest organ and what you put on it you literally drink in. Everything you consume either gets assimilated or eliminated. Chemical creams and perfumes tax your body big time.

10. Stress also creates acidity, so turn down the volume on chaos and turn up the joy factor up.

 Find and regularly commit to activities that help you bring it down a notch. Some ideas: meditation, gratitude journalism, guided relaxation or visualization CD’s, nature.

11. Snooze. Snooze. Snooze. Optimal hours: 11-7am.

12. Chew. Your stomach does not have teeth.

13. And stop eating late

 so that when you snooze, your body can focus on repair instead of digestion.

14. Set boundaries 

 so that you have the physical and emotional time to take care of yourself – it’s not selfish, it’s self-preserving.

15. Make time for fun, for love, for laughter!

16. Sound good? Last but not least, pick up my book

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