How to Lose Weight & Get Ripped with New Innovative Website

How to Lose Weight & Get Ripped with New Innovative Website
People are constantly looking to lose weight, get into better shape and eat healthier. Yet even though Americans spend billions of dollars on diets and health clubs, most still report that they aren't achieving their goals.

The reasons are simple. Distractions like work and family, plus daily temptations to snack or skip a workout make it easy to fall off an exercise and eating regimen. Because of that, many people seek out personal fitness trainers to design customized programs so that they stay on track; this strategy can make all the difference between success and failure.

Unfortunately, it can also be expensive. The average cost of hiring a personal fitness trainer is more than $400 a month, and a nutritionist is around $300 a month. For most Americans, that $700 monthly bill is simply not feasible.

However, a new website called DailyBurn is changing that situation with a triple-threat solution: They deliver the benefits of having a trainer, a nutritionist, and a weight-loss support community—all without the insane costs or the need to physically meet.

How It Works

DailyBurn understands that a "one size fits all" approach doesn't work for health and wellness, so each member gets a personalized plan that fits their lifestyle, schedule, and eating preferences. Just complete a fitness profile that covers your goals, strengths and weaknesses. Your uniquely tailored strategy gets you started immediately, and it adjusts as your workouts evolve, keeping you thoroughly engaged.

Adding to your success are DailyBurn's elite trainers, and exclusive videos from Mason Bendewald, producer of the highly successful P90X program. From cardio and strength training to yoga and kickboxing, these streaming videos and workout programs offer incredible variety. They start simple, are designed for your home or gym, and keep both your mind and body motivated. And unlike DVDs that lose their usefulness after a few viewings, you can access all the content at anytime from your computer, tablet, mobile device or TV.

Proper nutrition is also essential—especially with all the temptations to cheat or misinformation people have about food. DailyBurn keeps it simple with daily recommendations for delicious meals that are easy to make and help you learn about dieting and portion control. The DailyBurn community also rallies around a nutrition challenge each week, making it easier to create healthy eating habits.

And the results? Daily Burn's success story page is truly inspiring. Thomas is a father who used to come home from work feeling tired and frustrated, but now his cholesterol is down, his blood pressure is in check, and he can finally play sports with his boys. Amanda lost 26 pounds and 23 inches, and finally feels beautiful, strong, capable, and proud of herself. These stories and others show how real people have improved their health and boosted their self-esteem just by following Daily Burn's simple strategy for success.

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